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Safe Migration Signature Campaign Makes Steady Progress

Date et heure

2012.05.26, 17:51


The campaign to collect 10,000 signatures under the Caritas Safe Migration Programme is making steady progress in several Dioceses.

The present service contract being only in English and Arabic Languages had narrowed the opportunity for the migrant workers to understand its content which includes details with regard to their working conditions. This lack of understanding about the terms of the contract has been viewed as one of the reason for the issues faced by migrant workers. On the other hand, a good understanding of the contents of the job contract will help these migrant workers to take the right decisions with regard to their employment.

If the service contract is in their own mother tongue, they would be able to carry out their work with better understanding and that would be a help to lessen their issues as well. The National Labour Migration Policy for Sri Lanka also insists that the contract should be translated to Sinhala and Tamil to ensure that it is clearly understood by the worker prior to signing.

The objective of the current signature campaign is to request the government to give the opportunity for the women domestic migrant workers to read their service contract in their own mother tongue as per the National Labour Migration Policy.

The enclosed pictures show how the Signature campaign is being carried out in the dioceses of Batticaloa, Anuradhapura and Galle.



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